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About Labour Chowk

What we do? When we need hand (Man) to do some odd work like construction at home, repair works, plaster works, boundary works, need to carry heavy items of home from one place to another place etc.

I assume, that we all encounter such circumstances in our daily life. People living in the rural areas, urban areas or semi urban areas or big cities frequently find themselves at time, they need person for such exhausting, labour intensive work, which is not really our cup of work due to many reasons, but there are many moments, we have to do and if I am not wrong, we all have done that, not much but few times, because we did not manage hand at that time or there was not any source to manage in time.

It is much easier to find support in rural areas, here we are in position to take support easily as nature of village support us. As people live in proximity and helping to each one is integral part of value system which our village still carry.

The moment we move away from the village areas, affinity keep weakening. People around us start to appear aliens. It is high in metropolitan cities. 21st century and future ahead seems the world of virtual world. Technology is turning as a nerves system to pump oxygen for the lives to live.

What Labour chowk is all about?

It is a platform to support any person across who are in need of requirement (Man) for labour intensive work or Skill based work like construction of the home or any other construction works, plaster work, house paint, carpenter, electrician, plumber, cleaning etc. The platform will make accessible to the labour required to person on the right time. People can share their plans of their work, as accordingly, people will be at their place on time, as they can easily visit the website or call to put their demand well in advance as per their plan.

Labourchowk also contains the rich content of literature, articles & other labour related references which can help to student, practitioners, researchers, academicians & others. Our effort is to provide you also an insightful scenario of unorganised sector-Construction workers. Here you not only connect with them, you can enrich yourself with their socio-economic condition through reading the literature available. Efforts have been also given to let you know about the government programs/policies and life impacting interventions.

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