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107th International Labor Conference, Geneva:Building a Future with Decent Work

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“…for there can be no social justice that is not unlimited, no peace that is not universal, and no solidarity that is not open to all”

- Michael Higgins, Irish President, May 28th, ILO HQ

The session opened by Hameed Murad, Minister of Labor, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the President of 107th International Labor Conference on May 28th, 2018 with a massive attendance of over 4000 delegates across 187 countries.

The sessions at the conference revered their motive of achieving one common goal of “Building a Future with Decent Work” and accentuated the emergent need of creating a harassment-free workplace for men and women across the globe. ILO added another significant event in its efforts to bring the members of the international labor value-chain under one large ambit to negotiate possible standards on violence and harassment at workplace. The conference was a successful attempt to end negative political discourse and empower governments and institutions of the world to create a just and equal environment for men and women to thrive.

Maintaining social justice as the most prime motivator to achieve peace and resilience, delegates across nationalities deliberated on the urgency to create a fear-free and respectable environment for work. Nations like Ireland expressed the importance of international solidarity and reconciliations at the core of peace-building strategies and complemented their efforts in achieving the SDGs- Sustainable Development Goals for a respectable future for the international workforce.

Reminiscing about the ILO milestones and achievements, Michael Higgins, Ireland President, remarked that in the time of conflict and war, the world has always come together as a community to resolve the fundamental stoppages towards achieving an equal socio-economic order in line with the dignity of labor and recognition of work. He elucidated the roles of civic organizations in facilitating social dialogue between the members of the ‘international labor value chain’- workers, employers etc. by recognizing their basic human rights, expanding economic opportunities and combating discrimination at various socio-economic levels.

Delegates appreciated ILO’s efforts in restoring peace and harmony in countries torn in conflict and anarchy by providing special support through technical missions. The President of Central African Republic (CAR), Faustin Archange Touadera reiterated ILO’s strategic interventions in conflict-torn states and welcomed its assistance to his country, and a mission to its capital Bangui in restoring decent work issues and improve employability. According to the President, efforts like these would breed conducive environment for the CAR government to establish governance capacities, promote social dialogue, and reinforce anti-violence measures towards creating a safe and harassment-free workspace. Addressing the audience at a World of Work Summit, he highlighted the essence of wealth creation through employment as one of the most effective tools to establish social cohesion. Further, in his voice, employment as an enabler would help sustain efforts of poverty alleviation, upliftment of living standards and eliminating the risks of radicalization.

Indian Nobel Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi attended the conference on June 4th at an event that featured the 20th Anniversary of Global March Against Labor. The conference further commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Director-General, ILO, Guy Rider, congratulated the participants of the 107th ILO Conference and called it one of the most successful demonstrations of a tripartite consultation one would ever witness. The conference saw the adoption of the Reports of the Standard Setting Committees on several ground-breaking measures towards creating a violence-free and decent workplace. Such measures were inducted as standard frameworks towards strengthening social dialogue between tripartite parties – governments, employers and workers and renewing a fresh push to end violence and harassment at workplace.

ILO ended on June 8th on a beautiful note, acknowledging the efforts of the ILO World Heads, to “nurture, protect and practice” social dialogue.

(Pics Credit: ILO Website)



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